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What Tiger Woods Should Really Do

Tomorrow, the process of image rehabilitation will begin for Tiger Woods, and from that point forward, he’ll be putting the scandal of the last few months behind him.

Many, many people — sportswriters, public relations specialists, etc. — have weighed in with their thoughts of what he should have done, or be doing in the days ahead. I’ve put together a few representative samples here to a) take a look at some of these suggestions and b) debunk some of the assumptions that have been/continue to be made about Tiger’s situation, primarily because Tiger Woods and the reaction to him provide some noteworthy examples of the world professional athletes inhabit, and ultimately, what they should be prepared to deal with.

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Tiger Woods, and a Strike Against MLB.com

In the course of going to Tiger Woods’ web site earlier this week to read his statements about the current controversy involving him, I was surprised to see that the site was now being operated by MLB.com.

I’m not sure what the thinking was behind that. The site itself — the current maelstrom aside — does little to brand him in any meaningful way; in fact, it really is just straightforwardly generic. Moreover, it’s not as if Tiger Woods needs MLB for increased distribution of his content or to make it easier for people to find him online.

But if there’s a compelling reason for having a company dedicated only to managing the branding of pro athletes handling your online activities instead of a corporate entity like MLB.com, it’s that MLB.com is not paying attention the way that they should be. To make this point, I need go no further than the statement Tiger posted today about his personal transgressions. It’s not the statement that concerns me — it’s the fact that the site has allowed upwards of 4,000 comments to be posted (with more happening every second) without any apparent vetting whatsoever.

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